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Career Corner: Preparing for your First Informational Interview Tip #3

An informational interview is setting up a time to speak to someone in your chosen field, so that you may learn what it is really like to work in that field, and learn about possible career opportunities

Here’s our third tip:

Tip #3: Decide – phone interview, or in-person.

You can conduct your interview over the phone or in person, whatever they prefer. I like to suggest the phone as a first option. It’s less formal and will save the interviewer preparation time as well as save you money on gas!

However, if you really dream of one day landing your dream job at this company, you may opt for the in-person interview so you can really cement yourself into their minds and even share portfolio pieces if you have them. Go with what works best for your contact. If they want to meet in person, they may be a hot lead and you don’t want to turn that down!

Go for it,
Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach