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Career Corner: Online Networking Tips for College Grads Tip 3

Tip #3 – Use blogging to become even more immersed and connected in your field.

Blogging continues to grow in popularity… big companies have jumped on board, but even so the blogosphere is still a level playing field for young career mavericks. If you like to write, consider starting a blog as a means of making a name for yourself. Identify yourself as someone interested in and knowledgeable about your field. Or, make comments on someone else’s blog.

Blogging is like passing out business cards… but instead, you're passing around ideas, inviting people to get to know you in a much more intellectually intimate way. Blogging also helps you keep learning about your field after college, and staying abreast of recent trends and developments. It will put you in touch with the important people in your field during your career search  – and you never know – you may just land a job as a result!

Have fun with this,
Hallie Crawford
Career Planning Coach