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Career Corner: Career Transition Survival Tip #4

Sometimes we're so busy taking care of business that we forget to take
care of ourselves. Yet, if you're amidst a major career change, there
is nothing more important than listening to your Inner Voice and
tending to all the little things your body, mind and soul is asking for
and needs. Here are some great ways to nourish your whole self and stay
balanced while successfully navigating through your career change.

4. Get support.

Sometimes when we share our vision of the future with friends, family and coworkers, we are met with resistance, hit with frightening and discouraging "rumors" about the career marketing or industry of our choosing, and can feel like the wind was just knocked out of us. This is not a healthy way to feel when trying to break out of established ruts and make a motion for improvement in our careers. For this reason, if you're serious about finding a new job that has you springing out of bed each morning, you'll want to invest in a career coach. Many people who decide to make a bold move in their career, start up their own business or return to school to learn a new skill or trade, do so with the help of a career coach or counselor. You will find that a career counselor can give much needed practical advice and guidance, while offering an objective viewpoint on your personal situation.

For more information about coaching and to explore my own career coaching tools, tips and services, visit my coaching products page. I’m here to help.

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Coach for Singles