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Career Coaching Audio Files

Casual Workforce Interview

Finding career direction. Media interview: Interviews Hallie on how to find career direction.

Job Search Home Study

5 Audios that come with the Job Search Homestudy book sold on Hallie’s site

Q100 Radio Audios

7 Intervews: tips for dream job, laid off, ideal career, new job, job market, career advancement

Workbook Audios

Ideal Career Workbook. 8 audios that go with Ideal Career Workgook sold on Hallie’s site

Identify Your Ideal Career Path Homestudy

Recordings for Homestudy program. 18 audio sessions to go through Ideal Career Workbook on own.

Top 3 Tools

Special Report Audios. Recordings for Top 3 Tools report. 4 audios that do with Top 3 Tools free report on Hallie’s site

Ideal Career Audio Visualizations

Ideal Career Guide. 4 audios, visualization program for current career reality


Group coaching. 10 clients give testimonials about group coaching.


Freebie audios on various topics. 8 tips to pump up job search, creating career opportunities, 3 simple steps, 3 critical keys to navigate career transition, create new possibilities in 30 days.

Audios for newsletter

What to do if you’ve been laid off. 3 quick tips to beef up resume (from Fling Solo)

Info Interviews – Matt Jones interviews Hallie. Job market.

Saved Uploaded Recording/Networking

Matt Jones. Networking

Caps and Gowns

Advice for New Grads. Matt Jones interviews Hallie. Job hunting for young people.

Hallie Crawford’s Media Reel

Interview with Hallie on finding ideal career.

Difference between individual and group.

Explanation of difference, why clients like group vs individual.