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Brainstorming Tips for Your Career Search

Continutation of the 5 steps to reinventing yourself to find your dream job: STEP ONE WAS DEFINE YOUR UNIQUE TALENTS. STEP TWO: Conduct an effective Brainstorming session to identify career ideas. So here’s the deal. I was speaking to my client Kim in Atlanta recently and she said, I have so many career ideas I can’t choose just one! I understand what she’s saying, I felt that way AND, I hear this all the time from my clients! People get confused when they’re brainstorming career ideas-they come up with so many and it seems like they’re going in all different directions. This is normal—and it’s not going to help you. What you need to do is learn to conduct an effective brainstorming session that doesn’t leave you spinning like you’re in the dryer on spin cycle. They key is to Scructure your brainstorming time.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach

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