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Being proactive in your job search – finding your dream job

We had a great Top Ten Tips teleclass yesterday. The teleclass was very interactive and there was a lot of good learning from the participants. One participant, Terry, explained that she has been fortunate to have enjoyed her career path so far, especially because she fell into it. She was offered different roles at her school over the years and she’s enjoyed every one of them. She’s getting ready to retire now, but she is looking for a job post-retirement. She knows in order to do that, she needs to be proactive and admits that she’s a little fearful of that because so far, everything has really just fallen into her lap.

This is understandable and normal. Not everyone gets this lucky and just falls into a job they love. Wouldn’t that be nice if that always happened? She brought up a very important point that I always tell my clients – the best way to find a career you love is to proactively seek it out. Create it AND make it happen. So often people are in jobs they don’t like because they were not proactive. They just took whatever was offered to them.

Are you reacting to your career instead of creating it? Are you taking a job just because it’s offered as opposed to you really wanting it? If so it’s time to take charge! Now this doesn’t mean don’t pay your bills and say no to something when you need a job for financial reasons-be smart. But in addition to that, take the time to consider what your next best step is and plan for it, take action. Choose what you are doing, don’t let it choose you!

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Here’s to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Help